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Why learn with Novusdemia Hub?

Multi-Disciplinary & Professional Expertise

Our courses are professionally developed by our multidisciplinary team with content curated by leading subject experts across the Rajah & Tann Asia network.

Effective & Engaging Knowledge Delivery

Our courses are designed in a way that are easily accessible by our users and our content involves various interactive elements to keep the learner engaged throughout the course.

Relevant To Industry & Latest Regulations

We remain swift and adaptable to the changing needs of industries and ensure that our content is constantly updated while taking the prevailing regulations into account for compliance training.

Looking for a corporate training solution?

Start training your staff quickly without having to worry about setup and administration. Novusdemia Hub makes training accessible and managable with features you need to deliver training quickly and effectively throughout your organisation, while keeping a pulse on results to ensure your employees are educated in compliance.

Cloud-Based Learning Management Platform

With our learning management platform Novusdemia, we can deploy training courses to all learners expeditiously. Learners can access their courses at their own pace and convenience with just an internet connection, without any time or geographical impediments.

& Certification

We include knowledge checks throughout the course as well as mandatory assessments to evaluate learner comprehension and discourage passive learning. Upon successful completion of courses, downloadable certificates of completion will be made available to users and designated admins.

& Audit

We ensure that your staff receive and complete mandatory compliance training by tracking learner completion. Extensive reports can be generated for learner progress tracking and audit purposes. Learners will also receive automatic notifications for completion deadlines and content updates.

Want to learn more?

Contact us and find out how we can help you with your training needs. Discounts available for bulk purchases and multi-year subscriptions.

We also offer bespoke course content development services for organisations with specific training requirements for various industries.